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Author and illustrator  Prof. Dr. Paul Pfurtscheller (1855 - 1927) produced a series of 39 "Zoologische Wandtafeln" (zoological wall plates) to be used for higher educational purposes. Although he was a modest high school teacher by training he gained recognition by the scientific Community worldwide for this outstanding work.
The Pfurtscheller wall charts were first published in Vienna, Austria, in 1902, by 'A. Pichler's Witwe & Sohn.' Later editions were also published by Dutch company 'Martinus Nijhoff' until 1953.
Beautiful use of colors and it is one of the lvery early ithographed editions, whereas later editions used offset-printing. Lithography of course is an enormously demanding technique, especially at this large-scale which required up to 20 manual print-cycles for a single piece, since each color had to be applied seperately. These colors of course were not supposed to overlap in the end. This process is what gives lithographs their extraordinary depth and unusual longevity to their colors.
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