Gothic achritecture, 1955

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Rare historical wall charts on the history of architectural styles, with comprehensive explanations, created for art history lessons in the 1955s. The pictures are illustrated by Arch. F. Hoffmann and compiled by the historian Prof. Karl Scheidl. The illustrations show the Eltz Castle, St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna and one of the most beautiful secular buildings in Gothic style, the Kornmesserhaus in Bruck an der Mur, in frontal view, elevation and floor plan. It got printed by the famous Hoffmandruck in Vienna. Despite their age, the condition of the prints is as good as new, the drawings and illustrations are highly professional, the colors are beautiful and well preserved!


A. F. Hoffmann and K. Scheidl
place of origin Austria
date of manufacture 1955
detailed condition
as good as new
materials paper, linen, wooden dowels
width 100 cm
depth 0,1 cm
height 70 cm